History of IYC

History of IYC

The International Youth Convention of the Church of God, better known as IYC, was launched in the early 1920s. In 1924, youth ministry in the Church of God became organized on a movement-wide basis with the launch of a youth day during the annual Anderson Camp Meeting.

In 1930, the first three-day, biennial youth convention was held. Over the seventy-two years that have followed, international youth conventions have been held in all regions of the United States—as well as in three Canadian provinces.

In the late 1990s, the youth ministry team developed an overall purpose statement for IYC: to create a moment for life change. This purpose drives everything that happens at the convention.

Because of IYC, thousands of young men and women have made life-changing decisions. Hundreds have decided to go into full-time vocational ministry or mission. Over the last decade alone, thousands of youth have pledged to remain sexually pure.

Since 1992, participants have given back to each host city with an estimated $500,000 worth of volunteer service hours in total. More than 63,000 pounds of garbage was picked up in one city alone.

Still, the giving goes beyond the IYC host cities. Since 1998, nearly 4,200 attendees have participated in IYC-related mission experiences in eleven countries. Over 31,000 students and leaders have attended IYC since 2002.

IYC also helps to nurture a giving heart and a lifetime focus on others. Collectively, students have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Spread the Word, allowing young people to purchase practical tools and resources for evangelism worldwide.